Rad To The Bone Dress

Rad To The Bone Dress

This is my FAVORITE. DRESS. EVER. I went back and forth on this one for a few weeks. Although Ms. Frizzle is my fashion and professional role model, I was a little intimidated by this playful frock. First of all, it completely lacks color, and if you follow me, you know rainbows and sparkles are my favorite. Secondly, it is somewhat Gothic in style, which I found both enticing and intimidating. Although I’m not super “princessy,” I was not sure I could pull of a little bit more of a hard core, edgy look. Now I know that I can!

Although the price tag of $89.99 was not appealing for a cotton dress that I wanted for no reason other than that it’s unique, I sprang for the piece when Modcloth informed me that this item was almost out of stock. It had been sitting in my online shopping cart for a few weeks, so the clever fashionistas at Modcloth knew I had my eye on it. I bought it on the 4th of July and it arrived today.

First impression right out of the box: very cute Peter Pan collar, nice stretchy waist, and excellent length. The cotton material is very thin, and I thought I might be disappointed. I held my breath in anticipation as I slipped it over my head and zipped it up.

It was SO comfy and perfectly lightweight for summer. The top portion felt a little big around the bust, but I am a size 6 on bottom and a 34A on top, so fitted dresses often are roomier up top than I’d prefer. This particular dress is a medium, and I probably could have done for a small, but since the dress is now completely sold out, I’ll stick with the medium.

The absolute best thing about this dress: IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! I tried to take a photo of it with the lights off, but I need a black light. Perhaps I’ll update with a glowing photo later on!


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