Guide to Hating Cats

Buzzfeed published a hilarious post about a 1963 guidebook on why cats are horrible creatures:

The pictures are the best part.  Cats, although notoriously independent and allegedly rarely affectionate, are one of America’s top pet choices.  They are easy to care for, physically stunning, and despite some people’s insistence otherwise, are loving and terrific companions.  They can be finicky eaters, and sure, litter boxes are never fun, but cat “owners” (or rather, those owned by cats) can have full-time jobs and social lives without worrying about their mew mew’s well-being.


Ishmael in all her glory.

I’ve never understood the whole “dog person”/”cat person” dichotomy; I believe that if you love animals, you love them all.  It’s about recognizing the value of all sentient beings.  I prefer the physique and personality of cats, but if the opportunity arose for me to adopt a dog of just about any breed, I would do so in a heartbeat.  Same goes for most other creatures!

Do you enjoy kitties?  What kinds are your favorite?

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