A Tiger In The West Village


Because you know… that’s perfectly normal…

‘Twas Christmas 2011, and I needed to purchase a present for my father.  I grew up with two sisters, a female cat and a female dog, so the acquisition of presents for the opposite gender always put me at a loss.  Since he’s an avid follower of the Detroit Tigers and a voracious reader of Peanuts comics, he tends to receive items relating to these two categories for all birthdays and holidays where gifts are traditionally expected.  Hence, when I came across a massive stuffed tiger in the window of the Walgreens at Astor Place, I had to have it.  Upon my entrance into the store, I was shocked to find that this tiger, which would cost upwards of $100 at an F.A.O. Schwartz (and would likely be of mucher higher quality), was only $25!  I grabbed it and darted to work.

It’s not normal to show up to work at the library with a giant stuffed tiger.  My student employees at Bobst Library affectionately named him Ernest, and by the end of the day, it was determined that this feline’s destiny was not under the Christmas tree, but atop a bookshelf in the university library.  And that is where he stayed.  Until today.

In just 4 weeks, I start work at a charter school in Newark, NJ, so Ernest had to come home with me.  And just how does a New Yorker on an academic’s salary get a tiger home?  On the subway.  Let me say that it was entertaining for all, and this librarian officially became a crazy cat lady.