Proper Essentials Nautical Jewelry

Proper Essentials Nautical Jewelry

Gorgeous nautical jewelry at a bargain!

I can across Proper Essentials when the gracious craftspeople of this company liked one of my fashion photographs on Instagram. I visited their website, and I fell in love!

The pictured piece is one of my favorites. The Nautical Pearl Bracelet contrasts the femininity of iridescent pearls with the stoic bronze finish of the sea charms. Since this bracelet is neutral in color, it is the perfect accessory for just about any outfit! At $7.95, it is a must-have.

I also enjoy the rope bracelets Proper Essentials sells, particularly the Something Simple Sailor Bracelet in black and white. The anchor clasp is adorable and clever. Reminds me of home!

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Solar System Bracelet

While surfing a Ms. Frizzle-inspired blog, I came across this stunning little gem, and I have decided that I will purchase it later in the summer!  Although I never excelled in science (to the chagrin of my pharmacist mother and veterinarian sister), I could not pass up the opportunity to be decorated by the entire solar system (including Pluto!).  Perhaps I will pair this with the solar system dress I spotted on Modcloth!

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