I began my career as a teacher, and although I’ve now spent half of my working life outside of the classroom, I’m returning to the education field this fall.  Here’s me on first day of teaching in summer 2007.  I’m on the left, and my hair was short and blonde.


Although I majored in music education for my first 3 semesters of college, and even though I did all of the required academic work to meet social studies content needs during my time as an undergrad, I never officially participated in student teaching while obtaining my BA.  That is why I applied to Teach For America in 2007.  Luckily, I was accepted.  Although I can’t say I loved every single minute of my time in the classroom because of the stressful nature of the position and the lack of respect and support teachers often receive, I know that I want to make teaching my career.  But there were more than enough moments to keep me going.  Below is a picture of me in my 2nd year of teaching (on Halloween!) with some of my students from my 1st year.  They just graduated high school this spring (2013), and I’m extremely proud of them.  One of the girls pictured here is even off to my alma mater this fall, Ithaca College!  Go Bombers!


I spent three years teaching 7th grade English (2 in the South Bronx, 1 in Bushwick, Brooklyn).  I’ve spent the last three years as a graduate student at NYU and Long Island University obtaining two master’s degrees in library science and humanities.  I also spent this time working full-time at NYU’s Bobst Library as a performing arts librarian.  Librarianship is cool.  But nothing compares to teaching… especially teaching preteens.

In this part of my blog, I’ll share reflections on my practice, anecdotes about my experiences in the classroom, and articles/media regarding education.



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