Vegan Shoes

Please excuse me for the two full weeks of silence!  I just quit my job as an academic librarian, and I took a few weeks to relax and travel.  I start training at my new middle school in Newark, NJ a week from tomorrow.  Yay!


This past weekend, my mom came to visit me in New Jersey.  She has been in and out of surgery this spring, so it was great that she felt well enough to come and play for a few days.  While waiting for our tour at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum on Saturday, we went shopping in lower Manhattan.  We came across an adorable vegan shoe store, and upon spotting incredible footwear for work, Mom offered to buy me a pair of animal-friendly shoes for my new job.  Aw!

The pair that she especially liked were oxfords in white and black, but because they were sold out of my size, I pushed for these little darlings.  At only $49.99, they were absolutely a steal.  I’m a huge fan of animal rights, and I have fostered kitties in the past.  Unfortunately, because of my history of a negative relationship with food (binge-eating disorder and extreme emotional eating), I have not yet made the jump to vegetarianism because I don’t want to mess with restricting food groups for myself at the time.  I totally enjoy the idea of vegan-friendly non-food products, however, and I’m proud to sport these shoes while I hit the mean streets of New York and Newark this fall.

The “mustache” (as my friend Lauren calls the ornamentation on shoes like this) is my favorite aspect of these shoes, along with the kitten heel.  The shop’s name wasn’t clearly marked (could have been a pop-up?), but it’s located on Orchard Street right below Delancey.  Check it out!


Bernie Dexter BBQ Dress

Bernie Dexter BBQ Dress

One of the cutest prints I have ever seen! If you are a fan of vintage, sexy cuts, look no further than the Beatrice collection by Bernie Dexter. This designer uses domestic-inspired prints and fashions them into mid-century cuts that flatter women of all body types.

At $156, this dress and the others in this collection are not cheap on a teacher’s salary, but the splurge is worth it for an important summer barbecue. Or in my near future, my ten-year high school reunion… gulp!

I have not had the opportunity to try this dress on, but the bust looks like it would not flatter women that are not heavily endowed (like me). Luckily the sweetheart neckline seems to provide full coverage, so perhaps sizing down would help!

Irregular Choice Seagoing My Way? Heel

Irregular Choice Seagoing My Way? Heel

I spotted this item earlier this season on Modcloth, and now I regret not purchasing it before my size was sold out. That’s the way it goes, right?

Irregular Choice is a unique brand responsible for introducing affordable costumey footwear. This pair of heels is aquamarine in color and boasts shimmery shells with a purple starfish on the toe.

At four inches high, the heel is a bit steep for a tall girl like me, but I would find an occasion to show off these bad boys.

There are only a few pairs left in size 9.5 on Modcloth (no other sizes available), so if you like what you see and the shoe fits, grab ’em!

Proper Essentials Nautical Jewelry

Proper Essentials Nautical Jewelry

Gorgeous nautical jewelry at a bargain!

I can across Proper Essentials when the gracious craftspeople of this company liked one of my fashion photographs on Instagram. I visited their website, and I fell in love!

The pictured piece is one of my favorites. The Nautical Pearl Bracelet contrasts the femininity of iridescent pearls with the stoic bronze finish of the sea charms. Since this bracelet is neutral in color, it is the perfect accessory for just about any outfit! At $7.95, it is a must-have.

I also enjoy the rope bracelets Proper Essentials sells, particularly the Something Simple Sailor Bracelet in black and white. The anchor clasp is adorable and clever. Reminds me of home!

Visit Proper Essentials at

Rad To The Bone Dress

Rad To The Bone Dress

This is my FAVORITE. DRESS. EVER. I went back and forth on this one for a few weeks. Although Ms. Frizzle is my fashion and professional role model, I was a little intimidated by this playful frock. First of all, it completely lacks color, and if you follow me, you know rainbows and sparkles are my favorite. Secondly, it is somewhat Gothic in style, which I found both enticing and intimidating. Although I’m not super “princessy,” I was not sure I could pull of a little bit more of a hard core, edgy look. Now I know that I can!

Although the price tag of $89.99 was not appealing for a cotton dress that I wanted for no reason other than that it’s unique, I sprang for the piece when Modcloth informed me that this item was almost out of stock. It had been sitting in my online shopping cart for a few weeks, so the clever fashionistas at Modcloth knew I had my eye on it. I bought it on the 4th of July and it arrived today.

First impression right out of the box: very cute Peter Pan collar, nice stretchy waist, and excellent length. The cotton material is very thin, and I thought I might be disappointed. I held my breath in anticipation as I slipped it over my head and zipped it up.

It was SO comfy and perfectly lightweight for summer. The top portion felt a little big around the bust, but I am a size 6 on bottom and a 34A on top, so fitted dresses often are roomier up top than I’d prefer. This particular dress is a medium, and I probably could have done for a small, but since the dress is now completely sold out, I’ll stick with the medium.

The absolute best thing about this dress: IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! I tried to take a photo of it with the lights off, but I need a black light. Perhaps I’ll update with a glowing photo later on!

MAC Cosmetics: Impassioned Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics: Impassioned Lipstick

Yesterday I traded in 6 of my old MAC Cosmetics empty containers and received a free lipstick of my choosing. This is the result. I LOVE this lip color because it is easy to maintain and it goes well with my porcelain skin tone. I generally wear pink eye shadow, so I am going to be mixing that up to avoid being *too* pink (see the evidence above!).

Easy to apply, long-lasting wear, and easy to remove (although it doesn’t rub completely off unless you want it to!).

Warm Colors

Warm Colors

Today’s outfit! This shirt was one of my favorite finds. A few years ago I was at American Apparel and I discovered that the extra small men’s button downs fit me! It revolutionized my wardrobe. This one was my first one, and I adore it.

Only recently have I started wearing skirts without tights. Even though I have been much thinner than I currently am, I have only recently appreciated my body (thanks to Weight Watchers and a regular exercise schedule). It feels great to wear a form-fitting pencil skirt with bare legs on a hot, humid summer day!
I bought these shoes in multiple colors from Steve Madden a few years ago, and I scooped up this feline-patterned headband with bow last winter at Urban Outfitters.